Photo of village hall

Welcome to the Parish of Greatford

The Parish Council is active throughout the year and meets, publicly, six times a year. Everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings are generally on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. Minutes are approved and published on the website for all to see. Annual meetings, minutes and audits are also published. 

If you would like to add agenda items to the next meeting, please email the Clerk at 

Meeting dates: 

  • January 9th,

  • March 5th,

  • May 14th,

  • July 2nd,

  • September 10th

  • November 12th, all subject to confirmation nearer each date. 

The Council members are:

Phil Britton (Chair)

Gemma Taylor (Vice Chair)

Jason Halsey ( Responsible Finance Officer)

Natalie Pretsell

Tony Barker

Clerk to the Parish Council, Helen Britton. 

The Council is grateful for the attendance at its meetings of  Councillor Ashley Baxter , and of Cllr Rosemary Trollope-Bellew and .Cllr Vanessa Smith